Life Coaching

If you feel it's time to get your life into shape, then hiring a Coach is the most efficient way to convert your thoughts into action and your dreams into reality. 


As your Coach I can help you identify and work through things that are holding you back, help you overcome challenges and inspire you to think of creative solutions to each problem you encounter. I will help you work out what things you can change to make your life just how you want it to be: what you can ditch or adapt, and what things you can add. 


By taking full ownership of and responsibility for your life, you'll let go of worrying about what others think and accept your own true self. You'll be free to create the life you want for yourself.

We will progress at whatever pace you're comfortable with and each session will be tailored to your need at the time, whether that's helping you work through a problem you've encountered, or helping you set and work towards targets and goals that will take you another step along the road to the life you want for yourself.

I offer daytime or evening appointments, so coaching can be scheduled around your work and home commitments. 


Our sessions can be online (using Zoom) or in person, inside or on the front veranda of my dedicated Coaching Room set in the peaceful and tranquil grounds of my home near Norwich, Norfolk, UK (shown in photo).  


Are you ready to:

  • Be open to seeing the world from a new perspective

  • Explore who you are and get to know yourself again

  • Be grateful for everything you have

  • Move on from unhealthy habits and ways of thinking

  • Do more with your life than you've ever done before?


If your answer is "Yes, bring it on!" get in touch using the form below and let's start talking.