Your First Step

If having a Coach sounds like what you want in your life, please get in touch by completing the contact form at the bottom of the page.

I'll give you a call, or email / text, whichever you prefer (email if you're outside the UK), and we'll agree a time and place to meet for a Discovery Conversation (either in person or online via Zoom).


Our Discovery Conversation

We can spend an hour getting to know each other. You can give me a snap-shot of what's going on with you, I can start coaching, and we'll see if we 'click'.


A discovery conversation is FREE and gives us the opportunity to see if we can be a powerful team.

Coaching Options


1 to 1 Coaching

Session length negotiable

Overcome what's holding you back & be the best version of yourself.

£50 per hour - Funding routes available - Currently only via Zoom


1 to 1 Package

6 hour bespoke coaching package

This is probably the best investment you'll ever make in yourself. 

Package £300 - Funding routes available - Currently only via Zoom 


Power Up Programme

1 hour per week x 12 weeks 

Power Up from just surviving after domestic abuse, to thriving & winning at life.

Programme £695 - Funding routes available - Currently only via Zoom