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Based near Norwich, Norfolk, UK

I’m passionate about helping people to grow and be the best version of themselves.

Let's go on a journey, from where you are now to where you want to be.

We all have inner wisdom, power and a set of core values that make us the unique person we are. For some of us, situations and events in our life can cause us to lose touch with who we are at the core. We develop a set of coping strategies to get us through the difficult times. They're necessary for self-preservation and they get us through. What can the cost of those coping strategies be though?

"The future depends on what you do today." Mahatma Gandhi

At some point, when we're ready to come back into the world again fully as our true selves, ready to stand tall and be who we really are, we'll need to restore our connection to all of those amazing elements of ourselves that make us who we are. We'll need them so we can understand ourselves: who we are at the core, why we think what we do and why we feel what we do. Being at peace with who we truly are brings us enormous power.

Why Do People Come To Me?

Stress, Anxiety or Depression 

Low Confidence or Self Esteem

Life Crisis or Loss of Direction

Relationship Breakdown

Recovery From Abuse

Previous Guided Journeys

"For anyone thinking about working with Annette, just do it. It has been the best investment in myself that I may ever do. I have a different outlook on everything and I feel so much happier and more confident in all areas of my life ... I am able to deal with stressors and issues that would normally have me melting down ... the past couple of months have helped me greatly."

- Lois

"Annette has great empathy and is a lovely warm person. In just a few short weeks I finally believe I MATTER and that I love ME. I finally have inner peace after fighting with the demons left behind from my ex-husband nearly 20 years ago. If you are searching for inner peace, Annette is definitely your lady."

- Sharon

"Annette is a wonderful Coach. Her expertise, patience & empathic listening skills blow me away. She's 110% there with me when I share what's on my mind & in my heart. She's inspired me greatly to go after what I want. She has a unique way of reading between the lines & pointing out invisible links for my own benefit. I recommend working with Annette to anyone who needs help solving their problem/s. Big thank you!" 

- Michaela

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