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ACT for Menopause

Perimenopause can be a difficult time, not only for the woman experiencing the physical, mental and emotional symptoms related to the changes going on in her body but also for her loved ones around her.

There are many symptoms of perimenopause and these
 include feeling anxious and/or depressed, having night sweats, brain fog and disrupted sleep. 

It can be a confusing and distressing time, with emotions all over the place and often comes at a time when commitments and responsibilities change, perhaps children leaving home, elderly relatives needing more care and support, or changing work roles / retirement. All this can take its toll and the potential to feel stressed, anxious and unable to cope is very high, and impact relationships with loved ones.

How ACT can help

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has tools and techniques that can help us change how we respond to the effect the biological changes in our body have on us. It can help us accept and even embrace the menopause, instead of wanting to fight it or get rid of it.

By adapting how we respond to the symptoms that show up, it can help improve how we feel in our mood and our ability to cope day to day. ACT can help us handle the challenges of this time in a way that enables us to stay connected with our loved ones and to channel our energy and focus away from fighting and towards activities that bring fulfillment and meaning into our life.   


What Do You Get?

  • 6x one-to-one 1 hour ACT sessions (online via Zoom or in person near Norwich)

  • Workbooks and resources.

Your Investment

A package of 6 sessions requires an investment of £350. Alternatively, sessions can be paid for on a session-by-session basis at £60 each. All sessions are payable in advance and typically held fortnightly.


Let's work together and transform your life from being a daily struggle to one of harmony and balance. 


Get in touch now using the form below to take your first step towards a more rich, full and meaningful life.

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