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About Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)

IEMT is a new change tool and model that allows the client to disassociate themselves from disturbing memories and update their identity to reduce negative emotions, allowing them to free themselves and move forward from the past. 


IEMT comprises a set of techniques that enables rapid change. It is an effective therapy for emotional, behavioural and identity-based issues, including anxiety, depression, unwanted habits, phobias and PTSD. Click HERE for further information about what IEMT can help with.

IEMT often works on issues clients have had for years and where other therapies and treatments have failed.


Freedom from old habits & cycles, allowing a new way of being & a happier, healthier future.  

What Does IEMT Involve?

IEMT explores how we learned to feel the way we do. By going back to the original memory of when we learned to 'be' this way, we have the opportunity to unlearn it and distance ourselves from the emotional significance.

Voluntary or involuntary movements of the eyes help us to acquire, fixate and track visual stimuli, and are integral to the formation, processing and retention of memories.

Traumatic emotionally-charged memories don't get filed away neatly with all our memories with no emotional link, and IEMT enables the process of filing away the memory neatly to happen. 

IEMT is not a talking therapy, and in IEMT sessions there's no requirement for any disclosure of content of memories in order for tangible change to occur.


IEMT is often labelled 'brief change therapy'. Although sessions are brief, often only requiring just two sessions, the effects can last a lifetime. 

To find out more about IEMT sessions with me click here, or contact me using the form below. 

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