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What does a Life Coach do?

We all know that in order to excel at a sport you need a Coach, but it's less well known that most people who excel in terms of their personal or professional success have a Coach or mentor to guide them.

A Coach will guide you through the difficult times and help you find your direction to achieve your goals, providing a fresh perspective to help you realise what you're capable of. As we journey through life we develop unhelpful thinking patterns and beliefs about ourselves that limit the way we view ourselves and our potential to achieve.

All Coaches work slightly differently. At Pause Reflect Grow it's all about YOU! You are the expert of your life and your Coach will guide you through the next stage of your journey.

The Coaches at Pause Reflect Grow have natural curiosity, unconditional acceptance and a genuine desire for you to have the best life. Your Coach will walk alongside you as you go on a journey of discovery. Listening empathically and without judgement, your Coach will ask questions that will help you to gain new insights and perspectives. It'll be a challenge, but your Coach will be alongside you every step of the way.


With your Coach you become a strong team; working together to get you where you want to be.

Using a range of different tools, techniques and exercises, we'll help you stretch for what you really want out of your life. We'll discover what values you hold deep within yourself; the elements of you that, once you're aware of them, will help you make better decisions and enable you to create a more meaningful and balanced life for yourself.

Pause Reflect Grow

My approach to Life Coaching, delivered in
1 to 1 Coaching Sessions either in person (just outside Norwich, Norfolk, UK) or online via Zoom (like Skype)


Coaching provides a safe and confidential space to explore who you are and what you want.

What is Coaching Not?

In order to manage your expectations, it's worth noting that Coaching is not:

  • a quick-fix or one-size-fits-all approach to solving all your problems

  • a way of diagnosing and providing treatment - please see a healthcare professional if this is what you need

  • about giving you advice 

  • financial advising or career advising.

How can Coaching help You?

There are many reasons you would decide to hire a Coach. Here are just a few:

  • experiencing a life crisis and want to regain control

  • feeling you've lost direction or that something vital is missing and you want to get some clarity

  • feeling stressed and want to learn strategies to better deal with work and/or home pressures

  • spending far too much time feeling anxious and want to feel in control of your future

  • experiencing self doubt, low confidence / self esteem and want to feel confident to solve problems, make decisions and venture outside your comfort zones

  • feeling low and lost after a relationship breakdown and want to restore your inner and outer 'sparkle' to attract a new partner who will be a good match for you.

We'll help you identify your core values; the things that are important to you and make up who you are at your core. You'll define your vision; how you want to be and how you want to live your life. We'll look at what's holding you back and work out how you can overcome your challenges. Your Coach will help you set challenging but achievable goals to help you work towards your vision.

We'll monitor your progress and help you stay on track, helping you to modify and adapt as necessary in order for you to stay moving towards your desired aims and goals.

Are you ready to face up to the challenges you have in your life? Are you ready to start the process of change and take action today? If you are, contact us using the form below and we'll be in touch.

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