What People Say

“I am a lot happier in myself and a LOT more confident too. I would like to thank you so much for giving me the tools to be happy again, to lay my ghosts to rest and move on happily working at my future with my family. I have lots of reasons to be happy. I am so thankful for all you have done for me. You listened and made it so much easier.”
- Sharon
"Annette is a wonderful coach. Her expertise, patience, and empathic listening skills blow me away. She's 110% there with me when I share what's on my mind and in my heart. She's inspired me greatly to go after what I want. She has a unique way of reading between the lines and pointing out invisible links for my own benefit. I recommend working with Annette to anyone who needs help solving their problem/s. Big thank you!"
- Michaela
"Having someone listen to us with understanding, patience and kindness is invaluable! It helps us recognise our own strengths and weaknesses in a way that helps us improve our lives. Annette fits perfectly into this role. She is trustworthy, understanding, patient and kind. Annette listens not only to what we say, but the unspoken words too, and will put forward a suggestion or her interpretation from what we have said. Through this we can work through our agendas, issues and concerns in a more positive way. Having spoken with Annette myself, I feel I have certainly benefitted, and feel much happier and positive to deal with certain situations that had been troubling me. Thank you Annette."
- Toni
"I would highly recommend Pause Reflect Grow. Annette is so easy to speak to. She is empathetic and a wonderful listener bringing out the best in you, highlighting your strengths and inspiring a positive new perspective on things. I have found the couple of sessions I have had with Annettte to be invaluable in getting me started with my aspirations. Thank you Annette."- Kirti
"What a lucky person am I to have found Annette when I needed coaching and guidance in my personal relations area of life. She helped me by getting me to shift my perspective, look at what I was doing and offer me options of how to proceed and get clear what I actually wanted and how to get there. The session had an immediate effect on my life and I see that my new relationships will be more equal and balanced and there will be the sense of just being able to be myself, what I love to understand now. I feel a new inspiration to keep making the choices that will empower my personal relationships. Annette with her warm, patient and ‘let's get some clarity’ approach put me at ease and that allowed me to find out more about the whys. Thanks Annette, super grateful for the session. You are an awesome empowering clear Coach."
- Stefania
"Annette is very patient, kind, honest and really listens to what you are saying. She picks up on what you say and asks you why, which allows you then to reflect. It also gives you time for you and to be you. I have no hesitation in recommending Annette."
- Jackie
"Annette has great empathy and is a lovely warm person. In just a few short weeks I finally believe I MATTER and that I love ME. I finally have inner peace after fighting with the demons left behind from my ex husband nearly 20 years ago. She has taught me to pick at situations and see them in a different way and to also accept that people's opinions of me are exactly that, just opinions and not fact. If you are searching for inner peace, Annette is definitely your lady. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and will be sad when they're over."
- Sharon
“Annette is a great communicator - a fantastic listener, very patient and friendly too. She is sincere and has genuine respect for her clients and this makes it easier to share your ideas with her.  After just one hour I already feel more hopeful and optimistic about making some changes and moving forward.”
- Jenny
"Annette is a wonderful person. She will take time to listen to your situation and give tailored help for you to grow. She is an extremely understanding, intelligent
and thoughtful person, which makes it incredibly easy to connect with her. She will try to look at your situation from different perspectives and pose questions to help reflect. Ultimately, she is an incredible person who will help you to see potential and opportunity to help you grow."
- Cal
"It was a wonderful journey being mentored and coached by Annette. She has been so kind, warm, patient and gentle with me. She has helped me see things objectively, empowered me and seen my potentials. Now, I am more accepting of myself, being grateful and being more present. Indeed, an enjoyable journey of growth and thanks to Annette."
- Rody

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