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What Clients Say ...

"I really feel like this therapy has been the most effective I've ever had. Acceptance and compassion for myself have always been an impossible goal until now. I feel like now I'm learning to live rather than exist."

“These sessions made a difference. I’m forever grateful to Annette who has helped me along my journey. She is definitely one of a kind.”

"Well what can I say? My life has changed for the better. Annette with her techniques worked on such a deep level I was able to break free from so many self sabotaging traits. My work and relationships with others has improved and I'm generally happier and more content."
“I was sceptical about starting therapy, unsure if it was for me, and a huge leap for me to accept I was struggling and needed help / guidance and strategies. So pleased I did, I feel calmer and clearer. Annette is absolutely awesome and definitely a perfect fit for the job she does.”
"The sessions with Annette have helped me to understand myself better. I have been unstuck from the sticky mud of the past. Annette has given me tools to help guide me to live more aligned with my values, creating a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. I am learning how boundaries work and am building confidence in using them. I am now able to make decisions with much more ease. I am softer and gentler to myself and others around me and am seeing the positive impact this is having. I am looking forwards, taking each day as it comes in a much more managable way. I am grateful for Annette's time and support."
"Would highly recommend Annette to anyone that is struggling to see themselves as worthwhile or who wants to move on and grow as a person. She is a very warm and caring lady that listens and then guides you. Being able to offer Zoom meetings was a big help, especially for people who find face to face meetings difficult."

"I wouldn't have believed that in just 6 sessions I could transform my life. I feel like a totally new person. I'm a better partner and a more loving mum to my children. If you get the chance to work with Annette, do it!" 

“Annette was comforting from our first contact. I felt able to share my struggles with her and together we were able to come up with a plan and some achievable targets. Our sessions were so personalised, which made all the difference; remembering little details about me and my life instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Annette has such a wide variety of ‘tools’ and strategies to share so it was easy to find something that worked well for me and that have now become part of my daily routine.

When Annette suggested the IEMT, I was unsure of how this would work for me, but I was amazed by the results; I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and it felt great to have some distance from the things that were holding me back.

I would absolutely recommend working with Annette to anyone that feels ‘stuck’ with their mental health, their past or something else in their life. She has allowed me to feel like myself again and played an integral part of getting my life back on track. I would not hesitate to work with Annette if I ever become ‘stuck’ again.” 

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“I am a lot happier in myself and a LOT more confident too. I would like to thank you so much for giving me the tools to be happy again, to lay my ghosts to rest and move on happily working at my future with my family. I have lots of reasons to be happy. I am so thankful for all you have done for me. You listened and made it so much easier.”

"Annette has great empathy and is a lovely warm person. In just a few short weeks I finally believe I MATTER and that I love ME. I finally have inner peace after fighting with the demons left behind from my ex husband nearly 20 years ago. If you are searching for inner peace, Annette is definitely your lady."

“Annette is a great listener who has opened my eyes to a whole new way of living, leading a more positive life. Having come to a standstill ... questioning everything I do ... Annette has provided me with tools to understand myself better ... I can now lead a calmer, purposeful life, having identified personal goals and understanding what really makes me happy. I feel empowered to move forward with my career and personal life ... I am a better parent, wife and friend ... Wish I had these sessions years ago!"

"Annette had a great understanding and empathy to allow me to be vulnerable and accepted me and my way of managing and coping ... This was my last shot at counselling / therapy and I'm so glad I did as it has been so beneficial I plan to continue working with and recommending Annette to all family and friends."
"There were two main things that needed to be resolved, and I had tried alone for a long time to do so, and was in complete despair, believing this was just how I would be for the rest of my life ... I had lost the positive me that I had had my whole life no matter what was thrown at me (until that period in my life occurred and it was squashed out of me), and the other was that I spent my life in fear and hiding. I didn’t really see how this ACT therapy would work to help me at the start. Very quickly though, under Annette’s guidance and amazing ability to identify what I was trying to convey, my whole life (from the inside) has changed. I was able to find that missing part of me, and now, although the possibilities that had me living in fear and hiding have not changed, I have changed in such a way, that I am no longer afraid. I know that, because of how I have changed, I would no longer crumble if something were to arise. I had no idea that I didn’t have to spend the rest of my life living and feeling how I was doing. Thank you with all of my heart!"
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