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Reset & Rebalance

Our Reset & Rebalance sessions can be stand-alone as a therapy / coaching 'taster' or as a 'top-up' for clients who have completed a package or programme and feel they need another session or two by way of a reset, e.g. perhaps due to experiencing a set back or having a new hurdle or challenge. 

'Taster' Sessions 

If you've never worked with a Coach or Therapist before, having a 'taster' session offers you the opportunity to give it a go. 

Trying something completely new can feel a bit daunting so by having a stand-alone session, you can experience what it's like before deciding what your next step will be. For some people a single session is all they need to reset their focus and get them on track. For others, having a 'taster' session gives them the insight they need to commit to a larger investment in themselves.

Top-Up Sessions

If you have completed a programme or package of sessions with us, you have the option to return at any time for a 'top-up' session.

Sometimes things happen that tip us off balance and an hour's 'top-up' session could be all that's needed to get back pointing in the right direction again. 



What Do You Get?

  • 1 hour one-to-one Therapy / Coaching session (online via Zoom, or in person near Norwich or Aberdeen)

Your Investment
Individual sessions are £60, payable in advance. 

Get in touch now using the form below to take your first step towards changing your life for the better.

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