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Annette Shaw ACTAccred
ACT Therapist, Coach & IEMT Practitioner

"My life has been a long and winding road with a variety of bumps and junctions, including losing my parents at a young age, suffering overwhelming anxiety and stress, experiencing domestic abuse and always feeling somewhere between completely lost and acting a part in a real-life soap opera. 


After relocating back to my home county of Norfolk, I decided that the time had come to face my discomfort and pain, rather than running away from it. Over the course of a few years I worked out who I am, why I'm here and found the passion, direction and purpose I’d been looking for all my life. My next step was to train to help others.


I studied hard and trained to be a Life Coach and then I discovered Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). I found that by using ACT tools I could vastly improve the level of vitality and enjoyment I experienced in my life. To bring this into my work helping others, I went on to do extensive training in ACT, Focused-ACT (FACT) and Trauma-Focused ACT (T-FACT) & became an Accredited ACT Practitioner certified by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

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Susie Hollick

Life & Addiction Coach 

"Having spent 30 years struggling with alcohol addiction, eating disorders, severe depression and anxiety, getting divorced, being left with no confidence, self-worth or self-esteem, life has had its ups and downs.


In 2016 I embarked on an incredible journey of sobriety. I realised that putting down the bottle was one thing, however, the hard work comes in the growth. 

In 2023, I qualified as an Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner, adding some very powerful techniques to my ever growing therapy toolbox.

Because of my past experiences, I’m passionate about helping people whose lives are impacted and influenced by the lasting effects of domestic abuse. Although people can start afresh outwardly, with a new home, job etc, they can continue to carry the effects of the abuse inwardly for years, potentially the rest of their lives, which can hugely impact their enjoyment of living.


In working alongside local charities and in my private practice, I've helped many people to transform their lives from merely surviving day to day, to thriving and really enjoying the opportunities that their new life chapter brings them.

As part of my commitment to reduce suffering for families going through separation, in 2023 I trained as a Mediation Champion with The Family Mediation Trust. I've seen how painful, complicated, expensive and lengthy it can be for families going through the court system, and mediation can be a much easier, cheaper and shorter process involving a lot less conflict.


My vision for Pause Reflect Grow is to help you transform your life from merely surviving day to day, to thriving and reaching your full potential. We will help you move on from ‘fire-fighting’ your way through life, to growing, flourishing and thriving. With us you will find a safe and supportive space to grow into who you truly are deep in your heart; where you will practice using new tools to help you create the lasting change you want; you'll work out who you really are, how you want to show up every day and what you want to get from your wonderful one-time gift called life."

Annette lives with her partner and lively little terrier called Henry, in a tranquil corner of rural Norfolk.

After spending most of my life running away from myself and life, trying to numb my feelings, giving my all to a relationship that is no longer there, I felt lost, and I didn't know who I was or where I was going or why I was put on the planet. I then discovered coaching.


After being coached myself, I learned that you can thrive on the other side of addiction. You can have incredible self-confidence. Self-worth and self-esteem do not have to be through the floor. Depression can be placed in the background and I can make room for anxiety.  


Discovering my life's values has given me the courage to relinquish my accounting career to have a more fulfilling and rewarding life helping others. I do this through coaching primarily based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Real change takes time, commitment and courage, especially when juggling a hectic lifestyle with a career and a family. With the belief in yourself (no matter how small) and the support from those who have been there before you, it's possible to live the life you dream of and deserve." 

Susie lives near Aberdeen with her husband and is mum to a beautiful greyhound named Dizzy.

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