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Coaching Coaches

If you feel it's time to start your journey towards being a Life Coach, or perhaps you already are a Coach and you have identified things you'd like to work on about yourself, then hiring a fellow Coach can help you move towards where you want to be.

We will progress at whatever pace you're comfortable with and each session will be tailored to your need at the time, whether that's helping you work through a problem you've encountered, or helping you set and work towards targets and goals that will take you another step along the road to the life you want for yourself.

Working with one of our Coaches enables you to sample a range of different modalities and tools, both on a personal level as you experience what it's like to use them in your own life and also on a professional basis as a Coach helping others. If you find any that you particularly 'click' with, you may wish to go on to train to use it with your own clients. 

Daytime or evening appointments are available, so sessions can be scheduled around your work and home commitments. 

Sessions can be held online (using Zoom) or in person near Norwich or Aberdeen (UK).  


What Do You Get?

1 hour one-to-one Coaching session (online via Zoom, or in person near Norwich or Aberdeen)

Your Investment
Coaching Coaches sessions are £60, payable in advance.

Get in touch now using the form below to take your first step towards being the Coach that you want to be.

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